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Putting a Face to the Name and Building Trust

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Put your best foot forward. Don't make your website visitors guess who you are.
Recently the Fleishman-Hillard-Harris Interactive Annual Global Study of online behaviour confirmed what many other studies had reported in the last few years: that the internet is the leading influence in consumer purchasing.  Buying and research habits often filter back and forth between our business and consumer lives; your website therefore is like your first sales call. 

So in an era of radical transparency, what does it tell you when you visit a website that makes it impossible to figure out who you’re dealing with? Where the only faces come from stock photos that you’ve seen on a half-dozen other sites? Where there’s no name associated with the info@ reply email, no hint of who you’ll be dealing with and not even a bio to give you a sense of the people behind the company?

And now that you’ve got the picture…is it the picture you want people to take away from your website?
Many hotels, CVBs and other meetings industry suppliers offer great photos of their facilities, destinations and products, but none of their key staff.  And most meeting planners would agree that it’s often the people servicing the meeting that will make the difference.

You’ll get so much farther with a website that tells people who to reach and why they want to work with you. Use photos to humanize the site and make your team more visible. Think about the simple features—like personal anecdotes, favourite quotes, or recent reading lists—that make your staff biographies more readable and help build human connections.

At Greenfield we’ve made a concerted effort to put our story and our staff forward in the most transparent way possible.  We believe it makes us different from our competition and gives our clients confidence that we can do the job for them.  It’s an integral part of our business strategy.

With every part of your website, you have the ability to either inspire trust or pull it down a notch. Which story do you want your site to tell?