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Hospitality & Tourism Suppliers: Create Value or Else

Team Values
Recently we had opportunity to plan a sales mission for long-standing Convention & Visitor Bureau (CVB) client. This was a three-day sales blitz that brought representatives from the Bureau plus hotel, attraction, and other partners to visit tour operators in a particular feeder market.

As this is work we have done for number of years now, both the client and our team felt quite confident that meeting the number of required appointments.

But we noticed a shift. Whereas in the past years operators readily agreed to an appointment during one of the requested days, this year they started asking: What will be talked about? What's new? Why should I make time to meet with you?

This kind of shift has been noticeable with other markets, such as in the corporate or association markets. But this is now happening in tour and travel as well.

What does this mean to hospitality and tourism sales representatives?  From our experience, it is more important than ever to be prepared to demonstrate what VALUE you/your organization bring to the table. Unless you can show that you have market intelligence, creative ideas, cost or time-saving advice, then be prepared to be told by clients and prospects that they don't have time for you.

And rightly so. You shouldn't be wanting to see a client just to meet a sales call quota or filling out timesheet. Create value and clients will want to see you.