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Falling Off the Saddle with Content Marketing

Rider falling off his horse
Producing regular, quality content for your blog or website is no easy task. It's like riding on horseback; it's something you have to keep "on top of," and every once in a while life -- that fickle beast -- will make your jump over hurdles and cause you to fall out of the saddle…

This is precisely what happened to me recently. This blog did not see a post from me in the last four weeks!  It's as if the Tweetchat I had with Jenise Fryatt on April 29 jinxed me…
I was giving tips on keeping up with production for content marketing, and here I am, falling off my horse!

At least you all know I am human…

So here are my tips to get back in the saddle:

Don't beat yourself up. If you have a regular following, most people will be forgiving if you have not communicated for a few weeks. Besides, berating yourself will not help you start being productive again.

Explain yourself. Perhaps the lapse in production was as a result of your hotel being extremely busy, your DMO being host to a mega event, or something else that took you away.  In my case, it's been a combination of factors: the redesign of our website, the investigation of new technology for our calling team and the preparation for one of the largest projects we have ever handled, to-date!

If you can, use the reason(s) for your inactivity to get back in the game.  The reasons why I did not find enough time to contribute to my blog have given me LOTS of topics to write about.  More posts will follow about all of the above events, I assure you!  Hopefully you kept notes or maintained a list of topic ideas during your busy period. So when the worst is over, grab a few lines and start writing! The action itself will make you feel better and you can build up a list of articles to get you ahead.

Keep your eye on the prize.  Producing regular, value-oriented content on your blog and website is key to maintaining visibility in the eyes of search engines and Internet-focused meeting and event planners. Missing a few weeks isn't catastrophic.  But as soon as you can, get back on that horse!