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An Apology to OG-CSAE Meetings Industry Exhibitors

To my fellow suppliers at the Ottawa-Gatineau CSAE Chapter Tête-à-Tête (TAT) Show: please accept my sincerest apologies.  What I did was misguided and hurtful.

Following the January 31 TAT tradeshow, I posted a blog lamenting the extent to which some of the exhibitors had gone to attract traffic to their booth.   My purpose had been to raise the issue and "elevate the conversation."  Instead my post created an outcry.

I pushed too far by naming names and displaying pictures.  I regret pressing the "publish" button because it unfairly singled out certain suppliers.  The post has since been deleted.

As suppliers I still believe that we need to consider the impact of our promotions and how they may be viewed as too lavish or outlandish, but I know now that posting such an aggressive post was not the way to bring about change.

After reaching out to my colleagues and hearing their forgiveness, I am hopeful that we can move on and focus on creating better value-based and business-focused experiences for both planners and suppliers.