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Greenfield Launches Webinar Series for Meetings Industry Professionals

Greenfield Services is pleased to announce the launch of a new series of 60-minute webinars designed to help hospitality & meetings executives get ready for the great shift in sales & marketing.  The first session took place on Wednesday, March 21 and was entitled, “The Great Shift: Why B2B Lead Generation is Changing & What You Need to Do About It.

We created this educational series because we felt that hotels, CVBs and other meetings industry suppliers have not kept pace with how B2B buyers are now looking to engage in new business relationships.  Sales and marketing have changed significantly over the last few years.  No longer can meeting industry marketers “throw as much as they can” and see “what sticks”.   Channels are fragmented.  Prospects’ attention spans are short.  ROI on traditional methods is dropping. 

And salespeople are complaining about the poor quality of the leads they receive. 

Whether marketing a destination, a venue or a service, smart marketers are shifting their focus from outbound, “push” strategies in favour of attracting prospects through strategic inbound lead generation methods. 

The first session covered the six key trends that are shifting the way B2B buyers engage in the sales cycle and seven recommended strategies to start implementing now to stay ahead of the curve.  Please click here to playback audio recording (synch'ed with the slides). Feel free to share as you see fit!

Our next webinar Aligning Marketing and Sales Activities for Inbound Lead Generation Success is Wednesday, April 11, 12 noon EDT.  Meetings industry professionals can register here for free.

Also check out our webinar schedule for all the other topics and dates.