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Is Database Cleansing on your Spring Cleaning To-Do List?

Data Cleansing
We all know working with clean data is the best option, but how often does it slip our minds to do, and only becomes important when it is too late?

All year long, Sales Managers are visiting tradeshows, participating in conventions, and prospecting, and this data is ultimately going to end up in your CRM.

 Based on what I have seen, this data gets uploaded right away and many Sales Departments have no idea if they can even consider your city/hotel.

And then, in a few months, they will use this data when conducting email campaigns, mailings, and other marketing activities and hope for the best.

I believe that Data Cleansing has two levels – the first is to ensure that the contact is still there and that their contact information is correct. With constant turnover, knowing who you need to speak with is important, as contacts in the roles you are looking for are ever-changing.

However, the second level is more important than the first. It would include ensuring that the contact is still there and the information you have on them is correct, but ask one very simple question – can you consider our city/hotel?

Do this before you upload this list into your CRM. That way, what does get uploaded in the end is the right stuff for you. Think of how much time and money you will save in your Marketing budget if you do not have to deal with return mail as often.

When should you do this? The answer is simple – as often as you can! We have written some tips in the past, which I think maintain their relevance.

Whether you assign this task to a coordinator, or you outsource to a solution provider, it is one of the biggest ways to stay on top of your Sales in the marketplace.